Jaylen Green

Singer | Songwriter | Band

'Fiercely emotive and dynamic, Jaylen's voice and live sound is a blend of haunting melodic richness and light-hearted fun. It's not hard to get drawn in.'  -Keith MIlgaten, KMRC Studios NYC

Jaylen Green got her musical start in San Diego, CA as co-front person of the alternative hip-hop band afterschoolspecial in 2007 which quickly became a nationally performing act, headlining University Festivals and recording 3 full length albums. 

In 2013 she joined forces with EDM/Hip-Hop/Kirtan band The Householders which performed at the top yoga-music festivals around the country including Bhakti Fest and The Festival of Colors. Their tracks 'Namaste Nation' and 'Gaiye Gana Pati (Remix)' were featured in Yoga Journal music release and their album 'YAMA' was named as one of the Top 20 Best Conscious Albums of 2015 by Soul Traveler.

Jaylen is also the front-woman for her self-titled band Jaylen Green which fuses her love of folk-soul storytelling with gritty alternative rock edges. Her debut album "Better Late Than Never" debuted Worldwide in February 2018 after refining and recording her sound in Chicago. The band is back on the West Coast, touring and promoting the new album.



"The album is largely centered around the theme freedom, and the struggle to find and achieve it, both internally and externally. When you feel trapped, be it by elements of depression, anxiety and grief, or by external forces such as war, prejudice or corrupt governments, that shared human desire and fight to live free and in a state of love no matter what, that is what I sing for." 

- Jaylen

Jaylen is constantly collaborating and guest staring in various projects and recording sessions. She enjoys joining forces with like-minded creatives on a path to grow, connect + contribute to a more loving and prosperous human experience. 

"Do your practice and all is coming." Patthabi Jois