Jaylen Green

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Soulful rock 'n roll

Jaylen Green got her musical start in San Diego, CA as co-front woman of the alternative hip-hop band afterschoolspecial which quickly became a nationally performing act. Craving her own sound, she started writing music influenced by soulful singer-songwriters like Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt, then blending that with tension driven alternative rock guitars and drums.

She released her debut album 'Better Late Than Never' worldwide this year; the title honoring the journey and process it took to get her music out on the scene.

Fiercely emotive and dynamic, her live sound is a blend of haunting melodic richness and rhythmically edgy grooves. Whether performing solo or with a full band, its not hard to get drawn in.  

Jaylen Green has one of the most distinct and confident voices of any female vocalist right now, which is prevalent in any of the projects she is involved with. After meeting her as a blossoming guest singer in a Brovabey hip-hop session years ago, I’ve only seen her progress in the time since. I am excited to hear what she comes up with as the front-woman of her self-titled band. Keep an ear out for Jaylen’s strong melodies and introspectively honest lyrics. You will not be disappointed!
— Keith Milgaten, (Stereo Disguise Recording Labs / KMRC)

"Do your practice and all is coming." Patthabi Jois